Tension & Release

Building one restaurant from the ground up can be a harrowing experience, let alone building two. Though, these are what my days, for the past ten months, have been filled with. A lot  of planning, and a lot of waiting. Then, all of a sudden, I’m moving at light speed to check those boxes that have been sitting empty all this time. It’s gratifyingly stressful. My job, as the General Manager and Beverage Director is to make sure all service related things get done. From choosing flatware and toilet paper to contracting valet services, it all has to be ready when we open our doors in a few months.

There is this fine balance between tension and release throughout my day. One thing gets solved, and at the same time another problem emerges. For instance, we’ve finally hired our lead bartender (whew! a huge load off my shoulders), but then, alas, the Point-of-Sale company we contracted went out of business. It can seem like a never-ending nightmare some days, and others I am just in awe that what we’ve been working on for months is coming to fruition. I can now see the service station, the big hearth and the bar – WOW, is the bar huge!




Because my days can be very intense and stressful, and once we’re open it will become ten-fold, I’ve built practices into my life to release those tensions. Every morning I try to wake up just fifteen minutes early to meditate. It’s not some out-of-body meditation or anything, just a time to think about how grateful I am for everything life has given me. I try to set an intention everyday and visualize my day unfolding with that intention in mind. It has helped me keep my calm on the hard days. As I mentioned in my last post, I have also integrated yoga into my routine for the last two years. Not only has it given me another mental release, but it helps my body release some of the pressures of working on my feet all day in a restaurant. My lower back, shoulders and legs haven’t felt this great since before I started in the industry.

Tensions in life need to be countered with a release, a healthy release. Be it yoga, meditation, writing or cooking, it will help center yourself and help you live a happier and healthier life.




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