Communication in a Techie World



Communication breakdowns can be some of the most detrimental moments in any relationship, personal or professional. Intentions and perceptions often miss each other and can cause unnecessary trouble.

I can’t stress how important it is to keep  clear, concise and transparent communication between you and the people with whom you are working. I have found the best way to keep the wires untangled is through face-to-face meetings. Any important discussion that happens over the phone or, especially, over e-mail is easily misconstrued. I always recommend to approach a situation in person and offer your opinions in a thought-out and clear manner. We are consumed more and more by technology, and we have endless options to remove us from face-to-face situations. With all of this, it is even more imperative to use more intimate ways of communication so you’re completely understood.

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Try to stray away from accusatory words, stay open-minded and calm. State your views and be open to the other person’s response. Make it a two-sided conversation rather than one.


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