A Salute to Relaxation

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.”


I spent the weekend in the country, just west of Milwaukee. My parent’s home feels like a retreat from daily life in Chicago. The moment I open the car door, I am remembering the smell of pine and grass and blossoming alliums, and the subtle movements of the lake in their backyard are grounding. We were very lucky that the dark skies parted for just a few days to let in warming light, letting us take full advantage of where we were.

I woke up early enough each day to find the sun just peaking its head over the far side of the lake, shining into a quiet home. The rest of the house would rise at 9am, giving me enough time to enjoy my coffee on the porch and listen to the birds. They sing the same song of memories of my childhood. I grew up with a large tree outside my window and the birds would wake me up every morning. Then it was torture, now I crave  it.




Memorial Day Weekend has always been a source of celebration for my family, specifically my grandfather. It was his 87th birthday on Saturday. A great journey he is on, one that made him a Veteran of the Korean War. He proudly wears his Vet hat everyday. I feel a great honor to be able to celebrate these occasions with him. It is important to me, not just because it is important to him, but that it also allows me to step away from a hectic work schedule to remind myself of the strong relationships I have around me. Ones that I must take time to care for. It is these moments that help me relax my mind and body and grow my spirit stronger.


I am able to comeback to my urban reality this week refreshed and excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

Yours in Peace,

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I am a hospitality consultant and content creator focused on food, beverage and travel.

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