Opening Night: Honey’s

I have been very fortunate to have made the relationships I have within this crazy industry. It can be tough at times, but I’ve always found that the people you bring into your life will always be able to get you through. I am in awe of my friends more times than not, and am constantly inspired by their passion and drive for what they want out of life.

With our restaurant just a few short months away from opening, it has been a relief, to say the least, having friends going through the same process just a month ahead of us. I’ve been able to call and say, “hey, who are you using for valet and what kind of contract did you sign?” and hear about horror stories with their POS system not able to charge AMEX. This crazy ride I jumped on to open two restaurants would be a hell of a lot more difficult if it weren’t for these relationships.

Kelly honeys

With that being said, last night was the ultimate celebration of accomplishment, as I was able to be a part of their Opening Night. Yes, I was there for Friends & Family, but that’s different. For me, watching guests creep in from off the street in wonderment, sit down at tables around me and genuinely enjoy the experience they stumbled upon, well, I was just proud. Proud of how hard everyone worked to get here, and proud that I can truly call them my friends.

honeys oysters

A few blocks down Lake Street, west of the Morgan Green Line Stop, is Honey’s. It is barely detectable as a restaurant, especially among the butcheries and fisheries around the area. It’s one of those places you’d pass a million times, but once you know what’s behind those doors, you don’t forget. I walked into the front hall, a kind of detox zone from the industrial environment outside. I had no dinner reservations – really I just wanted a drink at the bar. Fortunately for them, the whole bar was packed, I mean, not even an ounce of space to spare. This is a beautiful thing on Opening Night. Thankfully the host was able to seat my friend and I at a bar table under the giant skylight. Our seating was quickly followed with coups of bubbles – I couldn’t imagine anything else from them. We ordered some oysters and cocktails, which is all I really wanted, but this is the hospitality industry, so what I thought would be MAYBE 2 hour experience turned into 5 (I’m not complaining). For day 1, everything was pretty on point, which is a feat not many new restaurants can conquer. So hats off to them and let’s continue this party!

Honey’s has a long and bright future ahead of them.



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