Finding Wines Of Value In Spain


About a month ago I wrote an article for Eater’s Ask A Somm series. The topic I covered was Which Country Is Offering The Best Value Wines. I have to say, this was a personal milestone for me, as I have always regarded Eater as one of the better restaurant news/information sources, and the Ask A Somm series has featured many wine industry professionals that I hold in high regard.

The question itself was a little daunting – I mean every country offers wines of great value, but which country has the most, or has consistently offered value-driven wines? After a bit of research and conferring with other colleagues, I was able to settle on Spain, which is, in my opinion, the most glaringly obvious choice. While Spain is the best place to search for older vintage reds, think Lopez de Heredia, it also gives us the spritz-y summertime hit, txakolina (pronounced cha-ko-li-na). If you were into beer bongs in college, txakolina poured from a porron directly into an open mouth is the, ah-em, classier version.

There’s also vintage Cava, which is, at this moment, some of my favorite value sparkler out there.

Read the article, and discover more delicious value-driven Spanish wines!




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