A Round Up Of The Best Blog Posts To Kick Your Wanderlust Into High Gear

In a few weeks I’m headed out West to Denver on Saturday to begin a 10-day road trip around the Western United States.  I’m meeting my sister, who lives in Denver, and we’re camping our way up through Yellowstone, and Big Sky, out to Yakima Valley in Washington, and back down through Idaho and Utah. It’s a fairly extensive and intensive trip, and the majority of the sites we’re planning on staying at are secluded in the mountains.

I’m as excited as ever, but as the dates are approaching, I’m quickly remembering that the last time I went camping was in Northern Michigan when I was 9. I’ve been living a very urban life ever since, and I really have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Thankfully, my confident, outdoorsy sister camps almost every weekend in Colorado. She is 100% spearheading this entire trip, from packing to campgrounds, while I’m just trying not to forget to pack a toothbrush.

Telluride 6.27.17-43

Nonetheless, I’m in complete wanderlust right now, and have been obsessively digging through the internet for inspiration for our trip, from places to see along the way to what to cook. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite posts I’ve come across to really kick anyone’s cravings to get outside into high gear.

  1. 9 Of The Best Places to Pitch a Tent Across the United States

  2. 6 Scenic Drives In Moab That DON’T Require 4-Wheel Drive
  3. A Road Trip Along The US West Coast
  4. A Trip Through The Pacific Northwest
  5. Why Going On A Road Trip Can Get You Unstuck
  6. 5 Places To Visit On Your Oregon Road Trip



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