Local Hospitality was founded in 2016 by Kelly Coughlin as a way for her to express her love of food & beverage, fashion, and travel. It aims to bring a contemporary voice to these industries from a hospitality leader. She is a certified Sommelier who has worked at and opened several great restaurants around the country, including 3 Michelin-starred Grace in Chicago, and The Progress in San Francisco. Most recently, she was the General Manager and Beverage Director of The Loyalist (Best Burger in Chicago), and Smyth who was awarded a Michelin star after being open for nine weeks.

During all of these experiences, she has been writing and photographing her adventures from San Francisco to Rome to her current home in Chicago. The travel bug bit her in high school when she spent time living in Lyon, France with an exchange program. She is the first one to jump on a plane or hop in a car to explore the world.

Beyond travel and food, she has a passion, bordering obsession for quality fashion. She has embraced the idea of high/low style as a way to curate beautiful, well-made, and functional pieces into her wardrobe.


Fun Facts:

Kelly loves listening to blues records, playing with Lula, her feisty black cat, collecting neck scarves, and practicing her photography.


Local Hospitality was created to share her experiences and hopefully spread a little love and inspiration to the world!